The BIM Game team was meeting this month at the Faculty of Architecture of Liège for a second test.

Lucie JEANBAPTISTE and Abdelkader BOUTEMADJA organized this second test of the BIM Game on a new scenario. The feedback of the participants, professionals and students, will be of great help to change the project.

  In a second time, Abdelkader BOUTEMADJA presented plugins integrable with a 3D architecture software.

Then, the various partners exchanged on the circular economy in the building following a presentation by Charlotte DAUTREMONT.

Finally, the evolution of BIM’s professions will lead to consider the BIM Game as an adaptable tool to the context. Jesus ALFARO gave an overview of the various BIM professions and their level of skills. Thus, the platform will have to be able to work on these emerging businesses in a collaborative way.

Next meeting in April 2018 in Spain in Cuenca!

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