What is BIMGAME?

An Erasmus project "strategic partnerships" led by the GIP FTLV of the Besançon Academy


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BIM Game team in Besançon

The sun of Besançon hosted the BIM Game on July 3rd and 4th, 2018. First, Carla PÜTZ proposed the next training scenario to be tested in September 2018. Each of these tests improves the methodology of the BIM Game. Next, Jesus ALFARO and Ignacio BUENDIA...

A new transnational meeting in Krakow

All European teams met in June in Krakow to take stock of the progress of the BIM Game. For the occasion, the partner company DATACOMP organized the event. Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland are meeting around a common project. The evolution of the...

BIM Game in Cuenca for new partnership

The BIM Game team officially welcomes a new member: Jesus ALFARO from UCLM Cuenca. For the occasion, teams from different countries were on site to share their vision of BIM. They took the opportunity to refine the direction to give the BIM Game. First,...


Bim Game: Playing to Build the 21st Century

At a time when architectural projects are increasingly being considered internationally, the exchange of information between the various building stakeholders is becoming a major issue. To facilitate this exchange, the B.I.M. Building Information Modeling has been developed in recent years, particularly through the use of a digital mockup enriched with data.

As all these actors are called to work together, it makes sense to train them together, and offer them a tool, the BIM GAME, where they will be able to test processes in common and negotiate at best the BIM shift. Target audiences in training correspond to the future actors of a construction project: architect, design engineer, construction economist, surveyor, operator, etc.

This problem is European and each country has the same question about the best method to adopt to spread this new culture and especially to integrate it into professional practices. This project, funded by Erasmus + and supported by GIP Besançon, is based on numerous follow-ups of projects carried out in the partner countries. This pooling makes it possible to work not only on national scenarios, in relation to local regulations, but also on simulations of international architectural projects, which correspond today to the reality on the ground.


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An Erasmus project “strategic partnerships” led by the GIP FTLV of the Besançon Academy

The new working methods focused on the BIM process (Building Information Modeling and / or Management) require a radical evolution of all the practices of all the actors of an architectural project, and a collaborative implication of all the actors to benefit the better in each job the benefit of this new methodology of work … Pilot of the project: GIP FTLV (Group of Public Interest Training throughout Lifetime) of Franche-Comté (France)

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