The European project “BIM game” stops in Besançon for architecture students !

40 participants, 6 countries represented: Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Germany, France! The European meeting of the project “BIM GAME” has mobilized widely in partner universities. A challenge for four transnational teams: to design the “MUE pavilion” in two days! It is a mobile structure prefiguring what will be the University House of Education futures (building and mode of operation).

The GIP FTLV of the Besançon Academy is engaged since 2016 in the project “BIM Game”. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is a process involving the creation and use of an intelligent 3D model. It is based on the collaboration between the different trades of a constructive project.

Students have imagined many avenues for use concerning this experimental space. In addition, they thought of the project MUE with a broad opening to the outside. The game principle is based on the dialogue between a real model built in “lego” bricks and a 3D digital model. The session is part of the educational experiments implemented in the project encouraging innovative devices for peer collaboration.

The competition took place on 14 and 15 November 2018 at the Arsenal site.

Prize list :

The jury awarded five prizes to the teams according to several themes:

  • “Sustainable Materials”: the sustainability of the building, the use of recyclable materials
  • “Quality Parameters”: the best BIM setting of the project
  • “Cheapest Builder”: the most economical building
  • “Smartest Building”: the ease of assembly / disassembly of the structure
  • “BIMest Team”: the most efficient team at the BIM process level

The next competitions will take place in the partner countries, and a larger closing event will take place in Besançon before the summer of 2019!

The “Pavillon MUE” is financially supported by the Greater Besançon Agglomeration Community.

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