First visit of the team to the Ministry of Education in France to present the BIM GAME

The team recently met Natalie Champion, National Project Manager for the construction sector, at the Ministry of Education. This meeting will undoubtedly lead to a closer partnership around the project.

Mrs. Champion has followed the presentation of the BIM Game project closely. An extension could be done with a second complementary project of the team: COLLABIM. It is funded by the French PACTE (Action Program for Quality in Construction) and is spread over a regional scope. It proposes to acculturate and train at BIM the professionals of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

Thus, interest in BIM is growing at all levels, transnational, national and regional. However, its implementation in the building sector comes well after that achieved in the automotive sector. Ultimately, the BIM Game will be one of the tools to train professionals to catch up.