Close to Brussels, the LIRL (Lycée Intégrale Roger Lallemand) is at the heart of an innovative educational project. A new method, close to the Freinet pedagogy, proposes activities mixing intellectual work and manual. Personal fulfillment, collective intelligence, benevolence and demand are at the heart of this project inspired by Jérôme Saltet’s book “Changer le collège, c’est possible ! “.

Students participate in learning devices including active methods, creative workshops, tutoring and self-employment. New needs that require new architecture. Indeed, the current premises are of a rather rigid design dating from the 70s. For these reasons, the LIRL is a terrific field of experimentation for the BIM Game and the future stress test. The project team visited the site on January 17, 2019.

The Belgian partners of the BIM Game, Abdelkader Boutemadja, Sylvie Jancart and Charlotte Dautremont, were of course present. They were able to make a precise identification that will allow them to design the scenario for the April session. The readings will be finer as a part of the LIRL has been scanned in 3D. Indeed, Colin Bouriquet of the company Creation Conseil, who had already worked for the previous scenario, made the trip.

In addition, this scenario will have several peculiarities:

First, teachers and students will participate in the drafting of the specifications. The goal will be to develop new school spaces and the BIM process will allow a better consideration of uses. In addition, teachers will also be part of the jury. The point of view of the user will be essential to win the test !

Then, students will have to work according to the principles of eco-construction and include recycled materials. For the occasion, Victoria Van Kan of the ROTOR cooperative, participated in the exchanges. Integrating recycled materials into construction is a challenge for the future. Allowing students to be familiar through the stress test will be a real plus in their training.

Finally, the BIM Game project remains at the heart of the collaborative process both in substance and in form. The April session will be another opportunity to prove it. The LIRL, its director Mr. Pinxteren, his teaching team, the municipality of Saint Gilles and ROTOR will be valuable partners for this deadline.