Events such as Erasmus seminars are exchange opportunities at the origin of new projects. That of Rouen, in November 2018, is one of them.

The meeting of Lionel Croissant and Cathal Power made it possible to find points of convergence towards a common project. Cathal Power is an Irish researcher from the University of Limerick who is interested in innovative pedagogies such as the BIM Game. He was present on 17 January 2019 in Brussels for a meeting of the BIM Game team at the BFC-Europe office.

The BIM Game project includes the organization of four events over the three years of the project. The next event will take place in Brussels in April 2019, together with the stress test. It will be organized around the theme of eco-construction and recycling. Sylvie Jancart and Charlotte Dautremont, from the Liège University of Architecture, were present and will actively participate in the organization of the event. Charlotte Dautremont is working on how BIM can facilitate the recycling and reuse of materials.

Organizing such an event in Brussels could not be thought of without the presence of a major local actor: the Rotor cooperative. This structure works on the deconstruction and reuse of materials for sustainable architectural projects. It also distributes a number of books to convey this eco-responsible architectural culture. For the occasion, Lionel Biliet represented Rotor. The introduction of the cooperative in the next stress test was mentioned in addition to his participation in the event.

Thus, the future event and stress test are atypical in their content and organization. Collaboration will be an essential keystone to carry out such an action. The team is, more than ever, motivated and future events will be very exciting.