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BIM GAME Stress-Test

14-15 /11/2018


Cities Tools and fields BIM GAME members Students on site Distance students Software Documents Platform needs
Wuppertal Revit and work in the building Carla 4 4 Revit 2018 Requirements Revit Server / Nextcloud / Rocketchat
Cuenca Revit and work in the building and visualization Jesus 4 4 Revit 2018
Liège Skecth up and work in the environment Lucie 4 4 Sketch Up
Mouchard Cadworks and constructive development of the building and annexes. Mickaël 4 4 Cadworks
Oldenburg Revit and work in the building Christian 4 4 Revit 2018
Krakow Bim Vision and coordination of models at IFC Maciek / / Bim Vision
Pôle Energie Sustainable Materials Elsa          
GIP Management and coordination Lionel/Florian/Frédéric          

Others participants (to be confirmed):­­­­

  • Damien Compagnon (Thermal engineer – France)
  • Hervé Maillot (Collabim manager – France)
  • Colin (Création Conseil – France)
  • Sylvain Dousse (Building engineer – France)
  • Jens Hofmann (VR Expert – Germany)

PROGRAMMING THE “BIM GAME BOX”: Definition of a BEP (BIM Execution Plan) that coordinates the tasks of each team in the whole project. This should also involve the rest of the project’s stakeholders: citizen participation, owners, administration, users, builders, designers, students, etc …This programming (BEP), of course, may be adapted in its evolution, but it will be necessary to have it as a guide. It should mark the main milestones of the project, the people and teams involved, the expected results and the way to check their adequacy and ratification with the expected.

Day BIM GAME Meeting Students in stress-session
14/11 9:30 Welcoming participants
  10:00 Bim GAME demo interface 10:00 Work session